The information provided on this page is for those who want to deploy Solismed on their own. Go back to Startup page if you are not sure what to do yet.

Technical Requirements

Use a hosting service or set up a localhost server (XAMPP, WAMP, or Uniform Server) that meets the requirements below:

  • Server: HTTP or HTTPS, Apache with mod_rewrite enabled
  • https Usage: SSL Certificate (required for Webcam)
  • PHP Version: 8.1 (Ioncube enabled)
  • PHP Extensions: curl, fileinfo, gd2, iconv, mbstring, mysqli, openssl, phpXX-php-zip, and soap
  • Database: MariaDB 10.0+ or MySQL 5.0+
  • Browser: Chrome (Recommended), Edge, Brave, Firefox, or Safari
  • HIPAA Compliance (US): Follow various security and privacy rules

System Installation

The process to install Solismed is similar to other Web applications, such as WordPress. Follow the steps below for best results. The system can be installed in about 30 minutes, while user configuration can take one or more hours.

  • FTP the system files to either the main folder or a subfolder on your Web site, depending on where you want to run the system. For localhost, copy the system files to the main folder or a subfolder inside your localhost. Next, create a MySQL or MariaDB database by using phpMyAdmin, cPanel, or CentOS Web Panel. Ask your Web host or server administrator for assistance if needed.
  • Open your browser and type in "" or "". Follow the instructions on the system installation screen to set up the system. The database connection information is stored in /config/$ettings.php file, which can be deleted if you ever want to reinstall the system. The reinstallation will restore the database to its original state. So be sure to back up your database before proceeding with the reinstallation.
  • Log into the system when you see the login page, which is at either "" or "". You can also log in as any of the example staff users using the same password (the username is their first name).
  • Follow the user guide in Help menu section to configure and learn more about the system.

Helpdesk Support

We provide some free and limited support to help you deploy Solismed on your own. Any work we do for you will be charged, and we will inform you in advance before starting work.