Solismed provides a number of intelligent functions for managing your healthcare operations. They are designed to automate many of your day-to-day work activites, digitalize patient care documentation, and facilitate staff communication. The key features are summarized below according to the main menu in the system.

  • Dashboard — Use it to manage your daily routines. For example, you can see a list of today's visits, new messages, new calls, Rx refill requests, open encounters, open orders, new lab results, and unpaid invoices.

  • Contacts — Keep records for patients, volunteers, suppliers, pharmacies, labs, referrals, and others. Patients section contains detailed demographics, insurance information, financial transactions, and medical records.

  • Schedule — Schedule patient and staff appointments, do walk-in registrations, and manage inpatient admissions by utilizing multi-calendar views, display filtering, credit card payments, bed assignments, and quick access to encounters.

  • Ancillaries — Document and process your in-house lab, radiology, immunization, prescription, procedure, and retail orders. Keep track of your medical supplies that are consumed internally and retail inventories that can be sold to your patients.

  • Exchange — Communicate with everyone in the system by using internal messaging. You can also document phone calls, send/receive electronic faxes via InterFAX, and write letters.

  • Finance — Manage the day-to-day patient payments and insurance billing. The system can be used with OfficeAlly (and other insurance clearninghouses) to submit and process your claims.

  • Reports — A number of clinical and financial reports can be generated for use by public health agencies, immunization registries, and insurance companies. Custom reports based on your requirements can also be prepared.

  • Initializations — Customize your locations, rooms, beds, appointment types, patient reminders, lab test list, radiology test list, prescription list, vaccine list, procedure list, retail list, service levels, user accounts, user groups, and user roles.

  • Utilities — This area is for configuring and managing system-wide functions that are applicable to all facilities, including Stripe/Paypal, InterFAX, Weno Exchange, Office Ally, multiple facilities, patient portal login, data backup, system upgrade, and audit logs.

  • Preferences — Individual staff users can set up their own text macros, form templates, letter templates, work schedule, encounter options, screen display, account settings, and emergency access.

The best way to learn more about the system is to try out the system demo hosted on this site. The system can also be customized for meeting your specific needs; if interested, please submit detailed requirements, including screenshots, to Helpdesk for a quote.