A live demo is provided here for your review. The clinic management area shows you the features available for use by staff, while the patient portal area displays limited medical records for viewing by patients.


  • Click on the image above to see the demo login page. You are given System Admin access. If you want to explore the patient portal, go to the customizable patient portal login page included in the system. Note that some features such as Switch User and e-prescribing are disabled in the demo.

  • The demo database is refreshed at the beginning of each hour. If you see any page error during the refresh, just try again a few minutes later.

  • Feel free to test use the system by modifying existing example data or putting in your own data. Any data that you put in will be removed when the demo is refreshed.

  • The system comes with drug databases, pharmacy directory, implantable devices, growth charts (age 0 to 20), common lab and radiology tests, procedures, ICD-10-CM codes, SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CM Map, CPT4 and HCPCS Level II code examples, Office Ally payer list, and patient education. All of them, except for CPT4 codes (licensed by American Medical Association), can be used for free.

  • Go through the User Guide listed in Help section of the system. Many of your questions can be answered by reading this document. You can also contact Helpdesk for more information.