One Integrated System

Appointment scheduling, secured medical records, patient encounter management, e-prescribing, inventory control, billing, and patient portal are all parts of the same system.

Amazing Features

Solismed is designed for multi-tasking (such as opening multiple patient encounters) and team collaboration (such as accessing the same patient records on an exam room computer).

100% Data Ownership

Have full access to your data and share it with no one, unlike what happens when you sign up for a subscription-based service that keeps the data for you.

High-end Administration

All of the configurations can be done in the user interface to meet your needs. Some of the functions, such as screen display, can also be set according to individual preferences.

Browser Based

You can host the system in the cloud or on a desktop computer. Any HTML5 compatible browser can be used, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Reliable and Secure

Built to meet HIPAA requirements. For example, the patient data is encrypted and secured through a number of cryptography algorithms. Work well with SSL certificate (https access).

Freeware License

There is no cost to use the system, and the source codes are available for a small fee. The purchase of source codes gives you the permission to modify the software.

Customizable Solutions

If the system doesn't fully meet your needs, you can hire us (Solismed Contributors) or use your own developers to add more features to the system.

Professional Support

General information related to system installation and usage is provided for free, while additional support will require a fee payment. Please contact the Helpdesk for more information.