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1 System AdminPosted: 10/01/2017 11:26 AM

Solismed is designed to maximize your productivity. Some of the key features include:

1. Lock Screen and Switch User features. If you need to move away from the screen for a few minutes, hit Lock Screen. This way, you can see the same screen right away when logging back in. Likewise, if someone else needs to take care of a patient, you can hit Switch User so that the same screen is there when the other user logs in.

2. Menu tabs that remember your last use. For example, when you open an encounter in Dashboard, the encounter tab will stay open. If you click on another menu link and then come back to Dashboard, you can see the same encounter right away.

3. Multiple patient encounters and charts can be opened. This feature allows you to take care of multiple patients without the need to open and close each one repeatedly.

4. The system lets you know if a form has been used by showing a red checkmark in the corresponding checkbox. This way, you don't need to click open all of the forms to see their statuses.

5. You can use automated text entry function to speed up data entries. For example, you can create a text macro called "asap" and link it to "as soon as possible". When you type "=asap" in an textarea field, the system auto expands it to "as soon as possible". This feature is great for creating note and letter templates.

6. Patient encounters can be initiated in the Dashboard or Schedule. When you are in Dashboard, you see only your own appointments and items, while Schedule lets you see all appointments in the practice.