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1 System AdminPosted: 02/01/2020 01:00 AM

This new release comes with a number of enhancements and bug fixes:

1. Solismed can now be run under PHP 7.2 and 7.3 after removing a few deprecated PHP functions and rewriting some of the codes. The overall speed and performance improvements for Solismed are as follows:
+10% for upgrading PHP 7.1 to 7.2
+22% for upgrading PHP 7.1 to 7.3

2. A new version of DOMPDF library has been applied to make document viewing and printing compatible with PHP 7.2 and 7.3. 

3. The default facility view setting for each user is now stored in user_accounts data table.

4. The current view is set to "All Facilities" when a staff user with access to Utilities section clicks on Utilities menu. This setting makes it clearer that the configurations and settings in Utilities section apply to all facilities. 

5. Walk-in and phone call icons have been added to the grid displays in Dashboard > Summary > Unpaid Invoices and Finance > Sales > All Sales Listings. 


SP1 was released on 2/16/2020 to apply the followings:

6. The Flash-based webcam used in the system has been replaced with a HTML5 webcam because of Web browser stopping support of Flash. A SSL certificate (https:// access) must be implemented in order to use it on the Web.

7. ICD-10 is no longer a required field in Encounter > Medication List, Problem List, Lab Orders, Radiology Orders, and Assessment when the Dx Search Preference is set to SNOMED CT in Operations > Access > User Accounts or Preferences > Account > User Settings.

8. A decryption bug in Finance > Sales Invoices > Billing Summary has been fixed.

9. The forward abbreviation (FW:) used in Exchange > Messages and Phone Calls is now displayed as an icon (➔).

10. The default pharmacy directory applied during Solismed installation has been updated. It's automatically updated on a weekly basis after the system installation.

11. "Canceled" (instead of "Cancelled") is now used in various Status field options. Both spellings are correct but "Canceled" is preferred in the US.


SP2 was released on 2/22/2020 to apply the followings:

12. Weno Exchange API used for e-prescribing has been replaced with one that meets NCPCP 2017 standard. Controlled substances can be e-prescribed via this new API in the next release.

13. The login time displayed in Operations > Access > User Accounts grid is now based on the default location of each user. The locations can have different timezone settings.

14. Field labels in the system installation page have been edited to make it clearer that both MariaDB and MySQL databases can be used.


SP3 was released on 3/14/2020 to apply the followings:

15. The new Weno Exchange API has been enhanced with additional options. A number of bugs have also been fixed.

16. The data entry fields for HPI in Encounter > Chief Complaint & HPI have been replaced with one textbox to allow text macros be used more easily.

17. Emergency Access user role can no longer be assigned in Operations > Access > User Accounts because each user can already be assigned the emergency access without changing his/her user role.

18. All "shared" codes used in Preferences > Tools sections have been removed as they are no longer needed.

19. A new data field with Implanted, Removed, and Replaced options has been added to the device implantation section in Encounter > Histories > Surgical History.


SP4 was released on 3/23/2020 to apply the followings:

20. A time slot bug in Schedule > Appointments has been fixed, while blocked time is no longer included in Future Appointments printing.

21. An attention icon has been added to location selection dropdown in Dashboard > Summary > Today's Visits and Schedule > Appointments. The icon is displayed if any location is not selected.

22. Additional Place of Service codes are now available for use in Operations > General > Locations and Utilities > System > Multiple Facilities.


SP5 was released on 3/28/2020 to apply the followings:

23. The system is now using a Practice X browser favicon by default, which can be replaced with your own in Utilities > System > Common Settings. If it's deleted and not replaced, then the Solismed favicon is displayed.

24. A number of new COVID-19 codes have been added to ICD-10-CM, Labs, HCPCS Level II, Procedures, Education, and SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CM Map databases. For example, the new ICD-10-CM code U07.1 for COVID-19 will now be effective April 1, 2020 instead of October 1, 2020.