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1 System AdminPosted: 12/02/2019 10:00 AM

This new release comes with a number of enhancements and bug fixes:

1. Additional URL filtering has been added to the system. Characters such as "..", "%", and "#" are completedly blocked in the URL.

2. A XSS protection bug found in some encrypted fields has been fixed. This bug was caused by a change of encryption algorithm in a past release.

3. File viewer is now more secure with paths restricted to the authorized file folders.

4. All page body and loader files are now double checked against unauthorized access.

5. You can now apply a custom encryption key on your own instead of asking us to do it for you. Go to Utilities > System > Common Settings to apply it.

6. Three new Table field options have been added to Preferences > Tools > Form Templates > Electronic Forms. A "Type" field has also been added for categorizing the forms.

7. Patient portal stylesheet files have been moved from webroot folder to gui folder.

8. Deletion and checkbox marking not working for electronic forms in Patient Header > Documents have been fixed.


SP1 was released on 12/20/2019 to apply the followings:

9. A file name bug affecting image display in several areas has been fixed. Long file names for images can now be used again.

10. The Type field in Preferences > Tools > Form Templates > Downloadble Forms has been changed from radio options to a single field.

11. Several changes have been made to Preferences > Tools > Form Templates > Electronic Forms:
(a) An image field has been addded to the templates.
(b) "Line Break" has been renamed to "Line".
(c) A data entry bug found in Table field time option has been fixed.

12. Electronic form templates in Dashboard > Forms > Electronic Forms dropdown are now sorted alphabetically.


SP2 was released on 12/27/2019 to apply the followings:

13. A new dropdown that allows autocomplete data entry has been applied to the system. Ask all users to clear their browser cache after the system upgrade in order to avoid display issue in Schedule and elsewhere.

14. Providers and Status filtering in Schedule are now working properly again. 

15. A display bug in Reports > Patient Lists has been fixed.


SP3 was released on 12/29/2019 to apply the followings:

16. Enhanced grid sorting and printing have been applied to the various sections in Patient Header (ranging from Alerts to Letters).


SP4 was released on 1/2/2020 to apply the followings:

17. A bug related to the level of service dropdown in Encounter > Superbill has been fixed. This bug was caused by the new dropdown implemented recently.

18. All new images taken using Webcam are now displaying properly again. The display problem was caused by enhanced file viewer security.

19. "Billing Paused" used in the Visit Status of Encounter > Patient Header has been renamed to "Billing Started". This status is now displayed in Schedule > Appointments as well. Its color is light grey.

20. The CPT field in various clinical lists in Operations > Clinical now allows manual entry of CPT codes without their descriptions. However, the codes must still be put inside [ ] brackets. 

21. All multiple-select fields in the system have been changed to a different display format. There are no more checkboxes, however, you can still select multiple options either by using CTRL-click or by clicking on each option one at a time.


SP5 was released on 1/19/2020 to apply the followings:

22. A status sorting bug in Contacts > Patients > All Patients and Dashboard > Summary > Open Encounters has been fixed.

23. A Consumption dropdown bug in Encounter > Histories > Social History has been fixed.

24. The diagnosis entered in Encounter > Referral is now included in referral printing.

25. Invoice balance is now displaying correctly in Payment page when level of service modifiers are applied.

26. An image annotation option has been added to the Table field in Preferences > Form Templates > Electronic Forms.

27. Two options (Scale in Vitals and Letterhead Paper Size) in Operations > General > Miscellaneous are now set automatically when the default country is changed in Utilities > System > Common Settings. For all countries, except United States, the settings are "Metric" and "A4", respectively.