# How to Create a Progress Note (SOAP) Views: 2511
1 System AdminPosted: 10/19/2019 11:56 AM

There are three ways to document a progress note:

1. Follow the encounter side menu to document the chief complaint, review of systems, vitals, physical exam, etc. The progress note will be generated automatically based on the data entered. Click on the note icon in the patient header to see the auto-generated progress note.

2. Use your own SOAP templates. You can create them in Preferences > Tools > Text Macros and then pop each one into the Progress Note entry area by typing a trigger word followed by spacing, e.g. =soap.

3. Insert a previously documented note and make changes to it. Just click on one of the Last 5 Visits displayed above the progress note entry area. This approach is best for those patients that are on a routine treatment program.

For all three, you can edit the content before signing the note.