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1 System AdminPosted: 10/04/2019 08:35 PM

This new release comes with a number of enhancements and bug fixes:

1. Stripe payment function has been added to Schedule > Appointments area to enable credit card and debit card payments during check-in. Each payment is automatically applied to the associated visit encounter. 

2. The billing area in Encounter > Superbill and Finance > Sales is now easier to use. Any reduction of fee (because of a CPT modifier entered in Superbill) is now applied to the same item line in Invoice and Adjustment. The currency symbol is no longer displayed in the column headers; instead, it's displayed for the balance.

3. The system can now retrieve the latest drug interactions data via API from https://rxnav.nlm.nih.gov when the interactions check is done during the prescribing of a medication.

4. Snomed-ICD10 map has been updated to the latest version.

5. A grid display bug found in Patient Header > Alerts has been fixed. This bug was introduced during the security patch.

6. The default Dx Search Preference selection in Operations > Access > User Accounts is now dependent on the default country because of SNOMED CT licensing restriction. Only member countries of SNOMED International organization can use it for free. 

7. MedlinePlus education links provided in Encounter > Narration & Instruction has been updated. 

8. There is now a "Progress Note Required" billing option in Operations > General > Locations. A non-clinic (e.g. sleep lab) can use it to close the encounters without signing the progress notes.


SP1 was released on 10/9/2019 to apply the followings:

9. Drug allergy and drug-drug interaction checks have been enhanced for drugs with multiple active ingredients. These checks are done in Encounter > Treatment > Prescriptions.

10. There is now a "Help" field below Agent field in Encounter > Allergies (and Contacts > Patients > All Patients > Medical Record > Allergies) to allow the search of agent using drug name. The agent for a medication allergy is the active drug ingredient.

11. Some of the data fields in the Medication List, such as Package Description and Direction, are no longer required fields as they may not always be available when recording a patient's reported medication.

12. Five drug-related data tables have been renamed to start with the word "drugs". 

13. Drug interactions and NDC-RXNORM map databases have been updated. 

14. The opening and closing of side menu categories are now displaying all + and - icons with no distortion.

15. A decryption bug in patient portal's forgot login email and patient preferences has been fixed.

16. New Lab Results, New Radiology Results, and Unpaid Invoices grids in Dashboard > Summary are now displayed correctly. They were broken during Version 3.3 SP4 upgrade.


SP2 was released on 10/29/2019 to apply the followings:

17. Sendgrid is now defaulted as the recommended SMTP service with the settings pre-filled in Utilities > System > Email Settings. Hover over the [?] tooltip for more details.

18. An address printing bug in Schedule > Reminders > Post Card Reminders has been fixed. You can also reprint any printed card without the need to change its status.

19. The appointment duration time based on a selected appointment type can now auto fill correctly in Schedule > Appointments.

20. Example data in Contacts > Address Book has been edited.

21. Field labels and field options can now be put on separate lines when you create electronic form templates in Preferences > Tools > Form Templates. There are some layout adjustments to the form templates as well.

22. A bug related to facility_id in Dashboard > Summary > Patient Portal Access has been fixed.


SP3 was released on 11/7/2019 to apply the followings:

23. Several enhancements have been added to electronic form templates in Preferences > Tools > Form Templates. You can also download form data completed by staff and patient users in Reports > Clinical > Electronic Forms.

24. "Fax Document" function has been added to Documents section in the patient header. Click on the document name to view the content and fax it directly from the screen.


SP4 was released on 11/9/2019 to apply the followings:

25. File upload security has been enhanced to prevent unauthorized usage.

26. A display bug found in Dashboard > Summary > Patient Portal Access has been fixed.