# Version 3.3 Released (August 2019) Views: 484
1 System AdminPosted: 08/05/2019 11:01 AM

This new release comes with a number of enhancements and bug fixes:

1. The login error message for a suspended staff user has been changed from "Login not allowed" to "Login suspended".

2. The grid display in Medication List now shows just the Drug name instead of the full package information, which can still be seen in the edit mode. 

3. Instead of Diagnosis, Implantable Device (Yes/No) is now displayed in Surgical History grid.

4. Relationship name is no longer displayed in Family History grid.

5. The header area above the top menu has been adjusted slightly to better display the logo and welcome message.


SP1 was released on 8/19/2019 to apply the followings:

6. A date format bug in Scheduling > Appointments weekly calendar header has been fixed. 

7. The room assignment in Operations > General > Locations is now working correctly all the time.


SP2 was released on 9/4/2019 to apply the followings:

8. When a provider chooses to use ICD-10 as his/her Dx Search Preference, the Diagnosis field now displays ICD-10-CM codes and the ICD-10 field is hidden. In the past, both fields are displayed and the Diagnosis field always displays SNOMED CT codes.

9. Weno's Rx Savings card has been updated to the latest version.

10. HCPCS Level II database has been updated to the latest 2019 version.

11. Office Ally Payer List has been updated to the latest 2019 version.


SP3 was released on 9/14/2019 to apply the followings:

12. Drugs databases including packages, products, and ingredients have been upgraded to the latest 2019 version. 

13. ICD-10-CM codes were updated to the 2020 version for use starting on October 1, 2019.

14. A number of items in Lab Compendium have been revised and updated.


SP4 was released on 9/18/2019 as a security patch:

15. Additional security protection has been applied to several areas in the system, including user role authentication for grid display and file view. A bug in URL protection has also been fixed.