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1 System AdminPosted: 06/05/2019 01:00 AM

This new release comes with a number of enhancements and bug fixes:

1. A form builder has been added to Preferences > Tools > Form Templates to let you create electronic forms that can be displayed in Dashboard > Forms and Patient Portal > Online Forms. 

2. Additional security has been applied to uploaded files stored in webroot/userhome, including patient photos, lab results, documents, message attachments, and faxes.

3. Two unused subfolders in webroot/userhome have been deleted. 

4. An encryption issue found in Patient Header > Letters has been fixed.

5. An encryption/decryption bug found in Exchange > Faxes has been fixed.

6. Text field contents can now be saved in Utilities > System > Patient Portal Login without any error for all types of servers.


SP1 was released on 6/11/2019 to include #7, 8, and 9 below:

7. The form builder in Preferences > Tools > Form Templates > Electronic Forms now allows you to insert a new field right after the currently highlighted field. It also lets you adjust top and bottom spacings for "Text" field.

8. An example form template has been added to Preferences > Tools > Form Templates > Electronic Forms. This example will not be included in the upgrade if you have already created a form template.

9. A patient name decryption issue in Encounter > Visits Summary > Print Outside Lab/Radiology Orders has been fixed.


SP2 was released on 6/16/2019 to include #10, 11, and 12 below:

10. "Email Address" has been renamed to "Email" for all field labels in the system. There is no change to the data field.

11. Old messaging services (e.g. ICQ) are no longer listed in Messaging field options found in Contacts > Address Book and Operations > Access > User Accounts.

12. A "View Frontend" link has been added Dashboard > Summary > Patient Portal Login grid display.


SP3 was released on 6/26/2019 to include #13 and 14 below:

13. The Supervising Physican can now edit the signed and locked progress notes (SOAP) prepared by their subordinates. The original notes can also be viewed as references.

14. The condition of showing a past visit in Contacts > Patients > All Patients > Medical Record > Past Visits has been changed from "closed" encounter to "opened" encounter. This means that as soon as you open and save an encounter, it will show up in Past Visits area.


SP4 was released on 7/3/2019 to include #15 and 16 below:

15. A "Refresh" feature has been added to Exchange > Faxes grid to allow the re-retreiving of all faxes. 

16. A decryption bug has been fixed in Patient Header > Faxes.


SP5 was released on 7/14/2019 to include #17, 18, 19, and 20 below:

17. The Recurring checkbox used in Schedule > Appointments is now positioned more correctly.

18. An upgrade bug associated with #13 from SP3 above has been fixed. 

19. A decryption error in Dashboard > Summary > Phone Calls grid has been fixed.

20. A border line has been added to the system's top area to separate it from Chrome Bookmarks Bar, which has the same white color.


SP6 was released on 7/20/2019 to include #21, 22, and 23 below:

21. Solismed logo on the staff login page can now be replaced with your own practice logo. Go to Utilities > System > Common Settings to upload your logo.

22. Address fields in Demographics page are no longer required fields, while the Home Phone display in the grid has been changed to Mobile Phone.

23. Screening labs and radiology done for preventive health reasons can now be ordered without first documenting a chief complaint in the encounter.


SP7 was released on 7/26/2019 to include #24 and 25 below:

24. File and fax attachment fields have been added to Encounter > Labs > Results section just like what are already done in Radiology Results.

25. Some minor field layout changes were made to Utilities > System > Common Settings.