# Version 3.0 Released (March 2019) Views: 468
1 System AdminPosted: 03/09/2019 08:27 AM

This new release comes with a number of enhancements and bug fixes:

1. Solismed can now be used in iPad via Safari browser without layout issues. A few functions, such as Webcam and file upload, cannot be used in iPad.

2. The patient header in the encounter has been enhanced to work with iPad. The counts in row 3 have been replaced by checkboxes, which work in the same way as the side-menu checkboxes.

3. A grid display issue caused by some special characters in several areas of the system has been fixed.

4. The red "close" icon in the tab menu is now 50% larger.

5. A patient portal registration issue associated with facility assignment has been fixed.

6. Patient users can now select from your pharmacy list when putting in their favorite pharmacy in the patient portal.

7. A new subsection called "Techincal Support" has been added to Help menu, which provides a quicker way to access the helpdesk support ticket and allow everyone in your practice to see it.


SP1 was released on 3/30/2019 to include #8, 9, and 10 below:

8. The system can now be used in MySQL/MariaDB strict mode. 

9. The printing buttons of outside and radiology orders have been enhanced. The buttons are greyed out if there are no orders.

10. A bug related to side menu checkmark in Encounter > Histories and Encounter > Treatment sections has been fixed.


SP2 was released on 4/13/2019 to include #11 and 12 below:

11. Minor bugs related to MySQL/MariaDB strict mode has been fixed.

12. The greyout of previously entered data in Encounter > Allergies and Encounter > Health Maintenance has been removed so that the data can be edited in new encounters.


SP3 was released on 4/17/2019 to include #13 and 14 below:

13. A bug for displaying online forms in the patient portal has been fixed.

14. The default Registered Nurse user role can now be selected from the User Role dropdown option in Operations > Access > User Accounts.