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1 System AdminPosted: 01/19/2019 10:00 AM

This new release comes with a number of enhancements and bug fixes:

1. A new "Encounter Options" has been added to Preferences. It allows you to customize Review of System template and upload your own images to Physical Exam section in the encounter. The Physical Exam images can be shared with other users.

2. The patient portal has been enhanced with a number of new sections, including Immunizations record in Medical Records, Online Forms, and Appointments listing. The patients can now edit some of their demographics profile, insurance information, and patient preferences.

3. A self-registration function has been added to the patient portal for use by new and existing patients. The registration notice is sent to Dashboard > Summary > Patient Portal Access, and the staff is required to verify the patient's identity before approving the access request.

4. The online forms used in the patient portal can now be created and managed in Dashboard > Forms via the new "Patient Portal Display" option. The recommended format for the forms is PDF.

5. The item count in Dashboard > Summary > Unpaid Invoices is now reduced by one when an invoice status is changed to "Fully Settled".

6. A few minor bugs in CMS1500 has been fixed. For example, clicking "Unlock" button in the form no longer remove the manually entered data.

7. You can now document lab and radiology results ordered by other practices during a patient encounter (appointment, walk-in, or phone) by using "Documentation" option in the Labs and Radiology sections.

8. A new message notification option for staff users has been added to Utilities > System > Email Settings. Prior to adding this option, only the patients are sent a notification when there is a new inbox message.

9. The messages received in Exchange > Messages > Inbox now show "New" (unread), "FW" (forwarded to), and "ASGN" (assigned to) in the grid, while the display of patient messages in the patient header has been enhanced to show only the latest thread of messages with the same subject.

10. A new "Upbringing" field has been added to Encounter > Histories > Social History. This field allows the documentation of such data as "Adopted, Boarding School, Foster Care, Military Service, Normal Family, Single Parent."

11. Several menu icons in both the staff login area and the patient portal have been enhanced or changed.


SP1 was released on 1/26/2019 to include #12, 13, and 14 below:

12. InterFAX API has been updated to fix incoming fax receiving issue.

13. The Archive function in Exchange > Messages is no longer in use, while new messages in Inbox are now indicated using "New". You can also assign a patient message to a staff and set various statuses to it. 

14. The required condition for Diagnosis and ICD-10 fields in Medical History, Surgical History, and Family History has been removed so that migration of some patient charts can be done more easily.


SP2 was released on 1/31/2019 to include #15, 16, and 17 below:

15. Sendgrid integration is now using Web API as the connection method. This helps to reduce connection issues.

16. You can now document medical records in Contacts > Patients > All Patients with or without diagnoses and ICD-10 codes. However, the items cannot be billed if you do it this way. Continue to use the encounters if billing is needed.

17. An email issue related to Forgot Login page has been fixed. The submit and cancel buttons have also been renamed.


SP3 was released on 2/7/2019 to include #18 and 19 below:

18. A bug associated with opening phone call encounter has been fixed.

19. Documentation in Contacts > Patients > All patients > Medical Record no longer has "Date Ordered" defaulted as today's date. The "Print Order" and "Fax Order" buttons are also greyed out.


SP4 was released on 2/15/2019 to include #20 and 21 below:

20. Editing of recurring appointments in Schedule is now defaulted to "Only this one", and the "Change Option" field is displayed right away.

21. The subsection menus in Histories, Labs, Radiology, Assessment, Treatment, and Billing now show checkboxes with red checkmarks just like the side menu.