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1 System AdminPosted: 11/14/2018 09:50 AM

This new release comes with a number of enhancements and bug fixes:

1. Lab Facilities, Radiology Facilities, Pharmacy List, and Referral List in Operations > General have been moved to Contacts > Address Book. These four favorite lists are applied to different sections of the encounter based on the relationship setting (Supplier, Vendor, Associate, Volunteer, Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy, Referral). The referral list is also applied to the Primary Care Physician field in Patient Preferences.

2. Stripe merchant service has been added to the system and integrated with the patient portal. Your patients can now make credit card payments online using either Stripe or Paypal, depending on what you set up in Utilities > System > Common Settings.

3. A new Payment section has been added to Schedule > Appointments > Manage Appointment. This function lets you collect copay during patient check-in and print receipt. The amount received is applied to the invoice balance automatically when the invoice is created.

4. The same copay payment process has been applied to Walk-in > Registrations for encounter billing. The printing of receipt has also been added to Walk-in > Registrations.

5. You can now print bill summaries with outstanding balances in Finance > Sales and mail them to the patients.

6. Billing section in the patient portal now shows bill summaries and payment receipts. The patient can select one or more bill summaries to make payments. The oldest invoice is paid first.

7. The auto-generated progress note (SOAP) now includes active medications, pertinent medical history, pertinent family history, and pertinent surgical history in Subject section.

8. A new Faxes section has been added to the patient header to display all faxes associated with a patient. 

9. A "Reorder Test" button has been added to Labs and Radiology. You can open any existing order and click the "Reorder Test" button to duplicate the order.

10. When you delete a staff user in Operations > Access > User Accounts, the data is now kept in the database. This design is similar to deleting a patient in Contacts > Patients > All Patients. The purpose is to maintain past encounter records properly. Instead of deleting the user account, you can change its status to "Suspended".

11. The system no longer uses a fixed server path. This means that the desktop version can now be run from any folder on your Windows computer and even from a flash drive. 

12. Appointments, walk-in registrations, and phone call can no longer be deleted if their associated encounter have been documented. This feature helps you avoid deleting them by accident.


SP1 was released on 11/17/2018 to include #13 below:

13. Stripe merchant service has been enhanced to make it work for all countries that it supports.


SP2 was released on 11/23/2018 to include #14 and 15 and below:

14. The referral list in Contacts > Address Book has been applied to Patient Summary in the encounter and Box 17 in CMS1500 form. The referring provider's name and NPI (new field) will auto populate Box 17 fields if there is referring provider documented in the patient summary. 

15. The primary care physician display in the patient portal has been fixed and is now greyed out so that it cannot be changed by the patient. 


SP3 was released on 11/29/2018 to include #16, 17, and 18 below:

16. A number of data tables have been indexed using foreign keys to speed up data loading in the system. In some areas, you can expect to see 2-4 times improvement.

17. The appointment alert in Schedule > Appointments and Phone Calls is now hidden if it's the same appointment that is being viewed.

18. The Gender field in patient demographics has been renamed to Gender Identity. Two new fields, namely Birth Sex and Sexual Orientation have been added to the demographics.


SP4 was released on 12/6/2018 to include #19 and 20 below:

19. The grid in Preferences > Tools > Text Macros and Letter Templates now displays the author of each text macro or letter template. Only the author can edit the text macro or letter template, however, it can be shared and used by other staff users.

20. The phone number format in the system can now be changed to non-US format. There are four options:
(xxx) xxx-xxxx
[    ] - [            ]
[    ] - [    ] - [    ]
Blank line


SP5 was released on 12/10/2018 to include #21, 22, and 23 below:

21. The timezone options for Local Time as found in Operations > General > Locations have been updated to include additional timezones.

22. Race and Ethnicity fields in patient demographics are now set to manual entry if the default country is not US.

23. The temperature source options in Encounter, Vitals has been updated to include Axilliary.


SP6 was released on 12/16/2018 to include #24 below:

24. The Drafted status option in Encounter > Treatment > Prescriptions is no longer used. Instead, you can now see the print count and e-prescribe count. 

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