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1 System AdminPosted: 09/20/2018 09:10 PM

This new release comes with a number of enhancements and bug fixes:

1. Walk-in can now be used as a diagnostic lab management solution. This solution is good for those labs that provide testing services to clinics and use specialists to do interpretation or study of the test data. It lets you track and manage the different steps involved. See this FAQ posting for more information.

2. The page layouts in Exchange > Faxes, Received and Sent sections have been updated to make it easier to send fax and link received fax to a patient record.

3. Files and Faxes can now be attached to Radiology Result section in the encounter. You can also initiate the faxing process for test data and test result from there.

4. A new "Save as Draft" feature has been added to Exchange > Messages and Exchange > Faxes.

5. Invoice, Adjustment, and Payment sections in the encounter and Finance > Sales are now easier to use with less fields. A location-based sales term (e.g. Net 30) can be applied to all invoices by default. Go to Operations > Facility > Locations to set the default sales term for each location.

6. A grid display error of access areas in Operations > Access > User Roles has been fixed. Now, the grid display matches the edit page display.

7. Fractional numbers (e.g. 0.5) can now be entered directly into the quantity field in Medication List, Prescriptions, and Prescription Refills.

8. Individual users can now set their own Startup View in Preferences > Account > User Settings. For example, Front Desk can go directly to Schedule (instead of Dashboard) after logging into the system.

9. The button functions in CMS1500 form have been enhanced to include [Refresh Content]. It's for reloading the superbill data.


SP1 was released on 9/24/2018 to include #10 to 13 below:

10. The 2019 version of ICD-10 codes has been applied to the system so that you can start using it on October 1, 2018.

11. An address display bug in Preferences > Tools > Letter Templates has been fixed.

12. The layout in Exchange > Messages has been enhanced in the staff login area and patient portal.

13. The user role for demo user is now Practice Manager.


SP2 was released on 9/30/2018 to include #14 below:

14. Threaded messages in Exchange and Patient Portal are now stored in separate records. This means that if someone replies to your message five times, you will receive five messages, and each one can be deleted separately. A related file attachment bug has been fixed.

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