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1 System AdminPosted: 09/06/2018 10:00 AM

This new release comes with a number of enhancements and bug fixes:

1. The scheduling calendar in Schedule > Appointments can now be used to schedule non-patient appointments, such as staff meeting and vendor presentation. More appointment conflict checks have also been added to prevent double booking of a patient or a provider.

2. Alerts for a patient are now displayed in Schedule > Appointments when you schedule a patient and in Exchange > Phone Calls when you document a phone call. These alerts can be used for showing appointment concerns, health maintenance actions, billing issues, preferences, and other topics. 

3. The preferred name is now displayed everywhere in the system and in printout, e.g. "Billy" William Affleck. The exception is in CMS1500 forms and X12 files where legal names are required.

4. Non-physician users (such as nurse practitioners) can now be assigned a supervising provider with signature requirement. Their prescription orders and CMS1500 (Box 17) will include the supervising provider's name, NPI number, and DEA number. Their progress notes (SOAP) will also need to be counter-signed by the supervising provider before the encounter can be closed. 

5. Instead of showing diagnoses in Patient Summary > Last 5 Visits, chief complaints are displayed. You can also view progress notes directly from Past Visits grid as linked from the Patient Summary page. Faxing can now be initiated from the progress note (SOAP) dialog page. However, the Amend function in the progress note (SOAP) is no longer used because there is already an Addendum section. 

6. The statuses of patients are applied in the following ways:
(a) Active: The active patients are displayed normally in Contacts > Patients > All Patients grid.
(b) Inactive: The inactive patients are marked using Italic in All Patients grid. 
(c) Suspended: The suspended patients are marked by a dotted-line strikethrough in the All Patients grid. They do not show up in patient search elsewhere in the system and cannot be scheduled.
(d) Deceased: These patients are marked using a straight-line strikethrough in All Patients grid. They do not show up in patient search elsewhere in the system and cannot be scheduled.

7. Same name check has been added to the demographics page in Contacts > Patients > All Patients to help you avoid creating duplicate patient records. 

8. Several changes were made to the webcam in Demographics, Insurance Information, and Physical Exam:
(a) The ratio for ID cards and exam images is now 16:9, while it's 1:1 for patient photo.
(b) The image layout has been improved.
(c) Insurance card can now be copied into the system by using a webcam.

9. Authorized users can now print both chart summary and progress notes for a patient in Contacts > Patients > All Patients > Account > Disclosure of Records. 

10. A bug in Exchange > Messages > Lists has been fixed. 

11. Sometimes, the selected drug in Prescriptions does not have a route value. The system changes the dropdown to a regular text field when this happens so that you can type in the route manually.

12. Grid loading and search function have been optimized for speed. If you experience any grid loading issue after upgrade, clear your browse cache, which will cause you to log out of the system. Log back in to continue.

13. Color Schemes and Text Styles pages in Preferences > Display have been merged into one page as Custom Look.

14. Page and grid refresh can now be done by double clicking the corresponding tab menu. This feature is useful in Schedule > Appointments where there is no side menu link to click on to get an update. It works like pressing F5 or Ctrl+R on your Windows keyboard but only the body section of the screen is refreshed.

15. The address fields and "zip code" versus "post code" display have been standardized for patient demographics, address book, lab facilities, radiology facilities, pharmacy list, and referral list. "Zip Code" is displayed if the default country set in Utilities > System > Common Settings is United States, while "Post Code" is displayed if it's another country.

16. The access history for the same patient by the same staff user on the same day is now summarized in a single row in the grid display (Utilities > Audit Logs > Access History). This change reduces the table storage size and helps you see the access history more easily.

17. The patient portal link has been changed from "patient_portal_login.php" to "myhealth.php".
Example URL: https://www.mysite.com/solismed/myhealth.php (assuming that you have installed the system in a subfolder called “solismed”).

18. Example data in Dashboard, Contacts, Schedule, Walk-in, Exchange, Finance, and Reports can now be deleted by Practice Manager and System Admin. Go to Dashboard > Summary > Today's Visits to use the data removal link. It's displayed below the grid.

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