# Refreshing Calendar View and Grid Display Views: 531
1 System AdminPosted: 09/03/2018 09:57 AM

Solismed uses a smart tab function to help you navigate the system and remember the areas you work on. It makes multitasking much easier. For example, you can keep a patient encounter open in Dashboard > Summary while you document a phone call for another patient in Exchange > Phone Calls. 

However, you may want to refresh the calendar view and grid display from time to time if there are other staff users working in the same area. A good example is Schedule > Appointments. If there are multiple people doing scheduling, ask them to refresh the calendar view routinely so that they can see new appointments and changes made by others. (Note: The system does perform checks to avoid double booking even without the refresh. But performing refresh let you see them better.)

There are three ways to refresh the calendar view or a grid display: 
1. Double click the corresponding tab menu (Version 2.6 and later).
2. Press F5 while you are viewing the calendar or grid.
3. Click on the corresponding side menu link if there is one.