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1 System AdminPosted: 08/11/2018 04:49 PM

This new release comes with a number of enhancements and bug fixes:

1. Default Language and Date Format have been added to Utilities > System > Common Settings. The default language is used to show/hide preferred language (if it's different from the default language) in the patient header, while the date format allows you to use non-US date formats.

2. The profile for each facility is now all documented in Utilities > System > Multiple Facilities. So there is no more use for the Operations > Facility > Profile page, which has been removed from the system.

3. Local Time (timezone) has been changed from "by facility" to "by location". This change fixes the "Now" time in Encounter > Treatment sections. It only affected those locations with different timezones.

4. You can now view patient contact information in an encounter or medical record by hovering over the patient's photo.

5. The room assigned to an appointment is now displayed in the encounter tab after the patient's name.

6. The provider titles (such as MD, NP, etc.) have been applied to all applicable grids, patient header, and printouts. 

7. A SOAP Reference section has been added to Encounter > Narration and Instruction to make it easier to view the SOAP note.

8. The patient's date of birth is now displayed in all patient autocomplete options which you can use to differentiate between same-name patients.

9. The following fields have been added to Demographics: Preferred (first name), Date of Death, and Cause of Death. When a patient's status is changed to "Deceased", the system freezes his/her age as listed in the patient header.

10. The display of SOAP note and Last 5 Visits have been enhanced. For example, the visit link is shown as "Current" when it's the same as the appointment date.

11. A new type of encounter (phone encounter) can now be used in Exchange > Phone Calls section. This type of encounter can be identified by a phone icon displayed in Dashboard > Summary > Open Encounters and Contacts > Patients > All Encounters grids.

12. A messaging bug related to patient portal has been fixed.


SP1 was released on August 19, 2018 to include #13 to 20 below:

13. Recurring and block time features have been added to the scheduling calendar. A new patient can now be added by clicking the patient icon in "Manage Appointment" page. You can also hover over an appointment to see its details without the need to click open it.

14. The diagnosis field in various encounter sections now shows a warning message if Assessment is not done. It's auto defaulted if there is only one entered in Assessment. 

15. The complaint field in Assessment will also show a warning message if Chief Complaint & HPI is not completed. It's auto defaulted if there is only one entered in Chief Complaint & HPI.

16. A past progress note (SOAP) can now be copied into the current encounter for reference use.

17. The page loading speed in Superbill has been greatly improved by changing how the modifiers are displayed on the screen.

18. Future appointments are now included in the visit summary together with phone contact information.

19. The page refresh that is activated when you click on a top menu item has been deactivated. This change is to make all tabs work consistently.

20. System Admin user role has been removed from all user groups. 

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