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1 System AdminPosted: 04/10/2018 12:15 PM

We can help you migrate your clinic data from Practice Fusion to Solismed for $200-600, depending on the amount of data you have. For examples, $200 for basic patient data (#1 to 3 below), $400 for basic patient data and medical records (#1 to 23 below), and more if you want other data included (superbills, messages, appointments, and attachments).

1. Demographic
2. Insurance
3. Guarantor
4. Problem List
5. Social History
6. Medical History
7. Medications
8. Allergies: Drug, Food, Environmental 
9. Advance Directives
10. Implantable Devices
11. Encounters
12. Vitals
13. SOAP
14. Lab Orders
15. Lab Results
16. Imaging Orders
17. Imaging Results
18. Screenings/Interventions/Assessments
19. Functional Status
20. Cognitive Status
21. Care Plan
22. Referral
23. Addenda
24. Superbills
25. Messages
26. Appointments
27. Attachments

You will need to hire us as a temporary workforce and provide a staff user account so that we can log into Practice Fusion and use a semi-automated tool to extract the data for you. Then the data is imported into Solismed. We can complete the work within a week. 

Please contact Helpdesk if you are interested in this service. Let us know what data you want to migrate so that we can charge you accordingly.