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1 System AdminPosted: 04/10/2018 09:34 AM

The e-prescribing service is certified and provided by Weno Exchange LLC. There is a small setup fee of $100, and you may also be charged for using non-participating pharmacies and support services based on an as-needed basis.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Assuming that you have installed Solismed at https://yoursite.com/xxx, log into the system and go to Utilities > System > Common Settings page to get the server path and IP address for the system. Note that you must implement SSL (https) in order use the e-prescribing service. Most hosting providers charge $40 to 99 a year for the SSL certificate.

2. Open a helpdesk ticket and submit the following information to us: 
(a) Practice name, address, and phone number
(b) Server path and IP address
(c) NPI and DEA numbers for each prescriber

3.    After we have verified the submitted information, you will receive a notification to pay for a one-time setup fee. The payment can be made in the same helpdesk ticket that you have opened. There is no recurring fee for using the e-prescribing service. However, we may charge you a support fee later based on an as-needed basis.

4.    You will receive an e-prescribing username, password, and clinic ID for your practice. Save the login information in Utilities > System > Common Settings page. You will also receive a Weno Prescriber ID for each prescriber in your practice. Save the prescriber information in Operations > Access > User Accounts (do it for each staff user who can prescribe medications).

5.    Post a note in the same helpdesk ticket when your prescribers have done a few e-prescribing transactions. We will check and review the transactions to make sure that they are processed correctly.