Solismed is designed and developed by the following professionals from the Morag Consulting Group and Intesync LLC. We welcome Health IT consultants joining us to provide various implementation and support services to local users. Interested party please send us a brief bio and a summary of services via the Helpdesk.

The Morag Consulting Group

Dr. Assaf Morag (MD and MBA) has over 20 years of EHR/EMR/PHR design, development, and implementation experiences. He was the co-founder of Pegasus and Healinx (both were sold to McKesson; Healinx is now known as RelayHealth). He has also served as McKesson EVP and Intel Digital Health Group Manager where he led the worldwide implementation of mobile clinic assistant products. Dr. Morag holds a patent in EMR design and is well respected in the EHR/EMR/PHR industry.

Intesync LLC

CEO Jonlee Wong (MS) has 15+ years of EHR/EMR/PM consulting, development, and implementation experiences. He has led Epic implementation at three Kaiser Permanente facilities, served as the QA Project Manager for Perot Systems-McKesson-Triad Hospitals implementation of 22 McKesson systems at 52 facilities, and provided software consulting and development services to several EHR/EMR/PHR vendors. He's experienced in helping EHR vendors achieve meaningful use certifications.

Monetary Support

We also welcome your monetary support to help pay for the development efforts. Please click on the Donation button below to send us any amount you wish to give. We thank you for your generosity and will use the fund to add more features to the system.